Your First Step To Financial Freedom

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What is the first step to financial freedom? What can you do to improve my finances? How can I payoff my debt faster? How much savings do I need? Where should I invest my money? What can I do to improve my credit score?

If you’re looking to find an answer to any financial questions, you landed to the right place. Most people struggle with their personal finances because nobody taught them how to manage them.

However, it’s never too late to acquire knowledge. This website provides two great solutions to help you learn more about personal finances and make more out of your money. Personal finance coaching services and bi-weekly articles.

What To Expect From Our Financial Coaching Services

I offer personal finance coaching services. Those services are designed to help my clients reach their financial goals and overcome their current financial situation. We all have different situations with different complexities that is why my services are tailored to match my clients’ needs.

Together we’ll start by assessing your current financial situation. Then, we’ll determine which of the financial pillars you will benefit the most from. And finally, I’ll create a customized step by step plan with milestones to make sure that you can achieve your goals and keep track of your progress.

Everything that I teach is what I learned from my past experiences. As a result, I only teach methods and strategies that I used and that worked for me. If you are interested to learn more about it, visit my Personal Finance Services page.

You can start with a FREE SESSION. It can be a great first step to financial freedom. During this session, we’ll get to know each other, and I’ll answer any of your questions. To schedule this free session, use my Contact page.

Yelp Reviews

Raphael H. — I’ve had a fantastic experience so far with Carreira Finance. Very professional, advice that are directly applicable. He asked many questions to find out about my personal situation, and based on my own needs he was able to give me tailor-made advice/tips/knowledge and save me a lot of money! Definitely worth it.

Fiverr Reviews

Jannina K. — Marc was an amazing help!! He explained everything very clearly and made sure he understood my personal situation the best way possible. He was very responsive and delivered everything fast. This was more than I was expecting and he gave me great tips in the end. I couldn’t recommend more!

What To Expect From Our Bi-Weekly Financial Articles

I believe that everyone should have access to the financial basics, no matter what’s their current knowledge level. I write bi-weekly financial articles so I can share my knowledge with a broader audience. The fact that you’re reading this page means that you already started your first step to financial freedom.

In those articles, I cover different subjects such as savings, debt, credit score, and investment. If you want to check them out, visit the Articles page.

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What Does Financial Freedom Even Mean?

You can find so many different definitions of financial freedom out there. Everyone has their own because it really depends on individual financial situations and goals.

My definition is to not being stressed by your finances. In other words, it’s having enough financial strategies in place to not worry about money constantly.

Are You A Financial Advisor?

I am not a financial advisor but a financial coach. There are a few differences between the two professions so let me go over each of them.

Advisors focus on investing and growing your capital. They make the final decisions and they also create your financial plan without teaching you much. You have to rely on them without knowing if they have your best interest in mind. Advisors charge asset-based fees and have a minimum assets requirement.

Coaches focus on sharing their knowledge to help you better manage your finances. They help you create your financial plan, and you have the final decision on what you want to do. Coaches charge a flat fee per session and do not have a minimum assets requirement.