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7 Best Ways To Get Cash For Visa Gift Card

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You might have received a Visa gift card from a friend or family member, and now you’re wondering what to do with it.

Can you get cash back from a visa gift card? In this article, you will learn how to get cash for your Visa gift card or how to get the most out of it.

They are many ways to exchange your Visa gift card into cash. However, even if most of them aren’t free, you have the power to decide whether to get more money or get it as quickly as possible.

How To Get The Most Out Of Visa Gift Cards - Carreira Finance Coaching

What Are The Differences Between Visa Gift Cards?

Before learning how to convert your Visa gift card to cash, you need to know a bit more about the gift cards offered by Visa and their differences.

Visa Gift Card vs. Visa Prepaid Card

Often, people don’t know about the difference between a Visa gift card and a Visa prepaid card because they look the same.

However, they are not the same, and to make the best decision, you need to understand their differences.

Can You Both Reload Visa Gift Cards And Prepaid Cards?

Only one card can be reloaded, and it’s the Visa prepaid card. You can add more money to your prepaid card as many times as you want. Just be aware of its expiry date.

You can’t reload a Visa gift card, so when its balance hits $0, they only thing you can do is to put it in the trash.

Watch Out For All Types Of Fees

A Visa prepaid card can be expensive in the long run. I always recommend doing your research first to identify the types of fees that are attached to your Visa prepaid card.

For example, minimum balance, overdraft, or monthly fees are well-known with these cards.

For a Visa gift card, you only have to pay for the activation fee. After that, you are good to go, and you won’t pay any other fees. The cost of the activation fee varies depending on the amount of money held by your Visa (more information under the “fees” section).

Physical vs. Virtual Visa Gift Card

There are three main differences between a physical and a virtual Visa gift card. Before purchasing one or the other, make sure to read this section.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver A Visa Gift Card?

It takes between 7 to 10 business days to receive your physical Visa gift card (without paying for express shipping).

However, it takes only between 15 minutes and 24 hours to receive your virtual Visa gift card.

How To Spend Your Visa Gift Card Balance?

You can use your physical Visa gift card almost anywhere you want – online, over the phone, and in retail locations.

However, with a virtual Visa gift card, you can only use it online or over the phone.

What About The Differences Between Activation Fees?

The activation fee you pay for a physical Visa gift card depends on its balance when purchased.

However, with a virtual Visa gift card, you are charged a flat fee, no matter how much the balance of the card is.

For more information about fees, you can go to the “Fees” section of this article.

How To Get Cash For Visa Gift Card?

There are many options out there when it comes to getting cash for a Visa gift card. Therefore, you need to be careful about which one to choose, so it doesn’t impact your finances.

In this article, I only wrote about safe options. The last thing I want is for you to get blacklisted or reported to financial institutions.

On the other side, you need to ask yourself the following questions to make sure to choose the best decision for your situation.

Do I want to exchange my Visa gift card into cash as soon as possible, even if it means paying a higher fee? Or do I want to get as much money as possible, even if it means that it will take more time?

Sell It To A Friend

An easy way is to sell your Visa gift card directly to a friend that will use it. It doesn’t cost any money to ask around. Just make sure to explain to your friend why you are trying to get cash from your Visa gift card.

Having a reason will help your case because who wouldn’t want to help a friend? Also, by using this strategy, you can actually get 100% of your Visa gift card balance.

Sell It To A Gift Card Website

Another way to sell your Visa gift card for cash is via a specialized gift card website like Gift Card Granny, Card Cash, Gift Cash, or Gift Card Spread.

I like Gift Card Granny because they offer many options with different selling and payment methods.

  1. Enter “Visa” as your gift card brand name
  2. Enter the balance you currently have in your Visa gift card
  3. Select one of the offers provided to be redirected to their partner

For example, you can sell a Visa gift card with a balance of $100 for $90, so a 10% fee. The fees are higher than other strategies, but if you are in a rush, it can be an easy way to convert your Visa gift card into cash.

Sell It Via An Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are excellent to sell anything you want online. In my opinion, their most significant advantage is that you don’t have to pay for shipping fees.

You’ll sell your Visa gift card face to face with the buyer, so you can decide whatever payment method you desire like cash, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay. The options are limitless.

A few great places you can sell your Visa gift card for cash are Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, or CraigsList.

Buy A Discounted Gift Card

This strategy might take longer to implement, but you can actually make more money than what your current gift card balance is.

It’s pretty simple, so here’s what you need to do. First, identify a few brands that you are always buying from. It can be grocery stores, restaurants, or retailers. Then, look for discounted gift cards for these brands.

Discounted gift cards are not always available, but you can score great deals if you are patient. Just wait for sales or a holiday.

Convert Your Visa Gift Card Into Cash Via Paypal

Paypal does not offer a direct way to get cash for your Visa gift card. However, you can still do it if you follow this process.

  1. You need 2 Paypal accounts. If you only have one Paypal account, ask for a friend or a family member if you can use their account to make a transaction.
  2. From your Paypal account, request the exact amount of money that your Visa gift card holds.
  3. Pay the request from the other account with your Visa gift card.

Go To A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Cardpool offers both cashier assisted and kiosk locations for you to convert your Visa gift card into cash. You can go on their website to find out the nearest places from your city or zip code.

Don’t forget to bring your ID as they require it to verify a few pieces of information in order to prevent fraud.

Their process is straightforward.

  1. Give your Visa gift card to the cashier or insert it in the kiosk.
  2. The cashier or the machine makes you a cash offer or a gift card offer.
  3. If you like the offer they give you, you can accept it.
  4. Get paid your cash or gift card, and you are good to go.

What To Pay With A Visa Gift Card?

As a rule of thumbs, you can use your Visa gift card to pay for almost anything. However, some retailers may charge fees, so be sure to double-check before making a purchase.

The best purchases to do with your Visa gift card are grocery shopping, fill up your gas tank, online shopping, or simply regift it.

How Much Are Visa Gift Card Activation Fees?

The amount of money you want your Visa gift card to hold determines the activation fee.

The fee is paid when purchasing the card, so if you are on the receiving end, you won’t have to pay any fees to use your Visa gift card.

Here are the different activation fees depending on the Visa gift card balance when you purchase it.

  • $2.95 for a $10-$74.99 balance
  • $3.95 for a $75-$149.99 balance
  • $4.95 for a $150-$249.99 balance
  • $5.95 for a $250-$349.99 balance
  • $6.95 for a $350-$500 balance

The flat fee for a virtual Visa gift card is $5.95, no matter the balance of your card.

How To Get The Most Out Of Visa Gift Cards?

How To Save On Your Visa Gift Card Activation Fee?

There are no ways to avoid paying activation fees when purchasing a Visa gift card. But, you can still save a few bucks by reducing the cost of these fees.

So take a look at the following ways you can use to save on activation fees, and the good news is that you can combine them.

Save $1.01 On The Activation Fee

Looking at the “Fees” section above, you might have already figured out this method. So make sure you don’t pay an additional $1 in activation fees to get an extra $0.01 on your Visa gift card balance.

For example, if you want a balance of $150, by purchasing a $149.99 Visa gift card, your activation fee will be $3.95 instead of $4.95.

Physical vs. Virtual Visa Gift Card

You can save money on the activation fees if you buy the more efficient Visa gift card type for the balance you put on your card.

For a Visa gift card balance lower than $250, the activation fee will be lower if you purchase the physical Visa gift card.

For a Visa gift card balance higher than $350, the activation fee will be lower if you purchase the virtual Visa gift card.

How To Take Advantage Of The Five Back Visa Gift Card?

The Five Back Visa gift card is a great way to get more out of a Visa gift card. It allows you to get 5% cash back on every qualified purchase you make. There is a list of merchant partners that you can find online by visiting the Five Back Visa website.

The activation fee for the Visa Five Back gift card is $6.95. It means that if you put more than $140 in your Five Back Visa gift card and purchase only at the merchant partner’s locations, you will make money out of it.

How To Buy Visa Gift Cards?

The are a ton of websites you can use to buy a Visa gift card online. You can go to the Visa website to see all available options.

You can also buy them on Amazon!

What Is The Balance Limit On A Visa Gift Card?

The minimum balance for a Visa gift card you can purchase is $10, while the maximum is $500.

How To Track Your Visa Gift Card Balance?

There are three ways you can track your Visa gift card balance.

Call The Toll-Free Number

Usually, you can find a toll-free number on the back of a visa gift card. By calling this number, you can figure out what is the current balance on your Visa gift card.

Visit The Card Issuer Website

If you don’t want to call the toll-free number, you can visit the card issuer website. You will need to access your Visa gift card to enter its numbers. I prefer this method because I can check the balance from my laptop.

Ask A Merchant

If you’re making a purchase and want to know how much your Visa gift card balance is, you can ask the merchant directly. Some merchants can check your balance before you pay with your Visa gift card.

Do Visa Gift Cards Expire?

A Visa gift card expires but its balance doesn’t.

When your plastic card expires, you will need to ask for another. Your balance will be transfer to the new Visa gift card automatically. However, you’ll have to pay a replacement fee to get it replaced.

How To Get Cash For Visa Gift Card To Invest - Carreira Finance Coaching
How To Track Your Visa Gift Card Balance - Carreira Finance Coaching


In conclusion, the Visa gift card system shouldn’t have any more secrets for you. You learned how to get cash for your Visa gift card, how to get the most out of it, and every detail about it.

Now, it’s time to act on your Visa gift card and share the knowledge with your friends and family. Contact me if you have any questions.

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