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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Carreira Finance

Carreira Finance provides financial coaching services. Our goal is for you to use money as a means for achieving whatever you want in life.

We will help you solve your financial problems one at a time, know how to make better financial decisions, and avoid common mistakes.

We serve your interests first! We don’t take commission on your money, and we don’t have any hidden incentives!

How Does It Work

The financial services we offer are:

  • Determine your current financial situation by asking specific questions
  • Share my credit knowledge so you can improve your credit score
  • Find the right approach for you to get out of debt
  • Create a plan for your global finances that you can easily follow
  • Go through different investment strategies to meet your goals
  • Discuss the pros and cons of various financial products
  • Provide clear examples to make sure you are comfortable applying the next steps in your life

Where To Start

If you are ready to make changes to your finances, check out our Financial Services.

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What Is A Financial Coach

Financial coaches educate their clients on the basics of personal finance and money management.

They help their client assess their financial situation, determine attainable goals, and develop good financial habits.

Financial Advisors vs. Coaches | The Differences

Financial Advisors

Asset-based fee | Minimum assets required | Focus on how to invest and grow your money

Financial Coaches

Flat fee per session | No minimum assets required | Focus on how to manage and be more efficient your finances