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Personal Finance Planner To Plan Your Future

Having a personal finance planner is crucial to take back control of your finances.

You will love to fill out this financial planner. It will help you keep yourself accountable over your finances.

I offer three different formats of personal financial planner.

  • PDF printable
  • Excel
  • Numbers

If you want any customizations to your personal finance planner, please feel free to reach out to me.

What Is A Personal Finance Planner?

A personal finance planner is one of the best tools to use to improve your finances.

It usually covers the 4 personal finance pillars, budgeting, savings, debt, and investments.

A financial planner keeps track of where your money goes.

It’s important because without knowing more about your monthly expenses, it can be complicated to make necessary financial improvements to your current situation.

Why Do I Need A Personal Finance Planner?

Financial planners are not meant for everyone, but that’s okay. People have different lifestyles, backgrounds, and are on different paths when it comes to their finances.

A personal finance planner is meant for people who are willing to take the time to analyze their finances. It’s best for people who want to save money and pay off their debt.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Personal Finance Planner?

The best time to get a personal finance planner is whenever you’re ready to take control back on your finances.

I don’t recommend getting a financial planner if you’re not eager to make meaningful changes to your current financial situation.

How To Fill Out A Personal Finance Planner?

A financial planner is like any other tools, if you don’t use it the right way, you might not get the full benefits out of it.

In this section, I’m going over the financial planners I offer and how to fill them out.

Financial Planner Spreadsheet (Excel and Numbers)

  • Get Your Financial Planner Spreadsheet - Carreira Finance
  • Get Your Personal Finance Planner Spreadsheet - Carreira Finance
  • Budget Planner Spreadsheet - Carreira FI
  • Budget Summary Spreadsheet - Carreira FI

Both Excel and Numbers financial planner are similar and contains a total of 16 sheets.

All colored cells are automatically generated, so you need to only fill out the non-colored cells.

Debt Summary

List all your debt on this sheet. For each debt, write down the creditor name, type of debt, minimum payment, interest rate, balance, and the payoff date.

The type of debt could be credit card, student loan, personal loan, mortgage, car loan, etc.

If your debt doesn’t have a specific payoff date, you can write down “Undetermined”.

Debt Tracker

The Debt Tracker is meant to help you pay off each debt by visualizing your progress.

Once you see your debt going down month after month, you’ll keep pushing to get rid of all your debt.

You can copy/paste all the information from a line of the Debt Summary into the first line of the Debt Tracker.

Every time your debt is down by 10%, you can color the thermometer until it is paid off.

Savings Summary

List all your savings goals on this sheet. For each savings goal, write down the account type, company name, purpose, balance, and savings goal.

The purpose of a savings goal could be an emergency fund, oops fund, monthly expenses, trips, retirement, etc.

Savings Tracker

The Savings Tracker is meant to track your savings goal.

For example, you might have $500 in your emergency fund, but your goal is to save $5,000 by the end of the year.

Filling out this tracker every month will renew your motivation until you achieve your goals.

You can copy/paste all the information from a line of the Savings Summary into the first line of the Savings Tracker.

Every time you save 10%, you can color the thermometer until you achieve your goal.

Subscription Tracker

For each subscription, write down the name, frequency (monthly, 3 months, annually, etc.), cost, payment due, and a description if necessary.

It is a great way to see all your subscriptions in one place.

That way, you can determine if you still need all of them or if you can save money by canceling the ones you don’t use anymore.

To-Do List

Write down everything you need to do financially to improve your current situation.

Annual Finance Summary

This sheet is automatically generated and give you an annual finance summary of your financial situation.

It will track your monthly income, monthly expenses, money saved, savings rate, and debt paid.

Budget Planner

For each sub-category, you need to determine your monthly budget.

At the end of the month, you have to calculate the total amount of money you spent for each sub-category.

Budget Summary

Once you filled out the budget planner page, the data is automatically generated.

For any categories that have a difference of $50+ or negative $50, write down an explanation for you to help understand what happened.

Then, write down what the goals for next month are. They can be related to your explanation or just something that you have to do to keep improving your finances.

Financial Planner PDF

  • Get Your Personal Finance Planner PDF Printable - Carreira Finance
  • Get Your Personal Finance Planner PDF - Carreira Finance
  • Get Your Financial Planner PDF Printable - Carreira Finance

The financial planner PDF is composed of 11 pages.

  • Transactions Tracker
  • Budget Planner
  • Budget Summary
  • Debt Summary
  • Debt Tracker
  • Savings Summary
  • Savings Tracker
  • Annual Finance Summary
  • Year Over Year Tracker
  • Subscription Tracker
  • Todo List

The only difference with this financial planner and the Excel one is that you need to enter all your numbers manually.

The financial planner PDF is printable, so you can print it and store it in a binder.

You have to print the entire set once. Then, print the Transactions Tracker, Budget Planner, and Budget Summary for each month you want to budget.

Also, you have to print the Debt Tracker for each of your debts and the Savings Tracker for each of your savings goals.

How To Buy The Personal Finance Planner?

It is really easy to buy the personal finance planner. By clicking on the link below you will be redirected to the Gumroad platform.

Get your financial planner!

You have to first select between the PDF version ($4.99), the Excel version ($7.99), and the Numbers version ($7.99). And click on “I want this!”.

Then, you need to enter your email address and your credit or debit card information before clicking on the “Pay” button.

You will receive an email from “Marco Carreira” with “Financial Planner – Improve Your Finances” as the email subject.

Click on “View content” to download the financial planner set, the example set, and the instructions.

If you like your new personal finance planner, don’t forget to give it a 5 stars rating! It would mean a lot to me. 

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, recommendations, or want to do a collaboration, feel free to contact me.

What Is The Personal Finance Planner Policy?

The financial planner Excel, Numbers, or PDF are for personal use only.

No copy, distribution, commercial use, or resale allowed.

No refund, exchange, or cancellation once the digital file has been purchased.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can send me a message, and we’ll find a solution.

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What Is Next?

If you need help to improve your finances, don’t look any further.

I am a financial coach that helps people get out of debt and reach financial freedom. I created two programs that just do that

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