Personal Finance Planner To Plan Your Future

My Etsy shop is now open! Having a personal finance planner is crucial to take back control of your finances. You will love to fill out this planner. It will help you keep yourself accountable over your finances.

I offer two options for my financial planner Excel and PDF.

Please feel free to reach out to me, if you want to add any customizations to the personal finance planner.

How To Buy A Personal Finance Planner?

You can buy it from my Etsy shop or directly via Paypal.

Enjoy 50% off if you purchase via my Etsy shop (using “50OFF”).

Enjoy 60% off if you purchase via my website. After a purchase, send me a message including your Paypal handle (email address). That way, I’ll verify your purchase and send you the financial planner using your email address.

Financial Planner Excel

For more information, check out the "How To Fill Out A Personal Finance Planner?" section of this article.


Financial Planner PDF

For more information, check out the "How To Fill Out A Personal Finance Planner?" section of this article.


What Is A Personal Finance Planner?

A personal finance planner is one of the best tools to use to improve your finances. It usually covers all 4 personal finance pillars, such as budgeting, savings, debt, and investments.

A financial planner keeps track of where your money goes. It’s important because without knowing more about your monthly expenses, it can be complicated to make necessary financial improvements to your current situation.

Why Do I Need A Personal Finance Planner?

Financial planners are not meant for everyone, but that’s okay. People have different lifestyles, backgrounds, and are on different paths when it comes to their finances.

A personal finance planner is meant for people who are willing to take the time to analyze their finances. It’s best for people who want to save money and pay off their debt.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Personal Finance Planner?

The best time to get a personal finance planner is whenever you’re ready to take control back on your finances.

I don’t recommend getting a financial planner if you’re not eager to make meaningful changes to your current financial situation.

How To Fill Out A Personal Finance Planner?

A financial planner is like other tools, if you don’t use it the right way, you might not get the full benefits out of it. In this section, I’m going over the financial planners I offer and how to fill them out.

Financial Planner Excel

Personal Finance Planner Excel Spreadsheet - Carreira Finance

My financial planner Excel contains 17 sheets. All colored cells are automatically generated, so you need to only fill out the noncolored cells.

Savings Planner

My Savings Planner sheet contains both a summary of your current savings and three savings trackers.

The Savings Summary is straightforward to fill out because it’s the money that your current savings or investing accounts hold.

The Savings Tracker is meant to track your savings goal. For example, you might have $500 in your emergency fund, but your goal is to save $5,000 by the end of the year. Filling out this tracker every month will renew your motivation until you achieve your goals.

Debt Planner

My Debt Planner sheet contains both a summary of your current debt and three debt trackers.

In the Debt Summary, you will have to enter the information per debt.

  • Creditor name
  • Minimum Monthly Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Current Balance
  • Pay Off Date

The Debt Tracker is meant to help you pay off each debt by visualizing your progress. Once you see your debt going down month after month, you’ll keep pushing to get rid of all your debt.

Subscription Tracker

The Subscription Tracker will help you track all the subscriptions you are currently paying in one place.

You might see a few subscriptions that you don’t need, so by canceling them, you will save more money.

Todo List

It’s a classic todo list so you can fill out the way you want.

Annual Finance Summary

The Annual Finance Summary is automatically generated. It tracks the following information month after month.

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Debt Paid
  • Savings
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Taxes
  • Charity
  • Education
  • Miscellaneous

Monthly Budget Planner

The Monthly Budget Planner sheet contains 4 tables and 2 pie charts to help you plan and track your budget progress. There are a total of 12 Monthly Budget Planner sheets, one for each month.

The budget contains 9 categories that are divided into 51 subcategories.

Financial Planner PDF

Personal Finance Planner Printable PDF - Carreira Finance

The financial planner PDF is composed of 15 pages.

  • Income Tracker
  • Budget Planner (monthly)
  • Bill Tracker (monthly)
  • Expense Tracker (monthly)
  • Budget Tracker (monthly)
  • Budget Summary (monthly)
  • Debt Summary
  • Debt Tracker
  • Savings Summary
  • Savings Tracker
  • Annual Finance Summary (2 pages)
  • Year Over Year Tracker
  • Subscription Tracker
  • Todo List

The only difference with the financial planner Excel is that you need to enter all your numbers manually. The financial planner PDF is printable, so you can print it and store it in a binder.

You’ll have to print some pages multiple times, such as debt, savings, and monthly trackers.

What Is The Policy?

The financial planner Excel or PDF are for personal use only. No copy, distribution, commercial use, or resale allowed. No refund, exchange, or cancellation once the digital file has been purchased.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can send me a message, and we’ll find a solution.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions via the Etsy platform or my contact page! I am very quick to respond and always open to questions, comments, and suggestions.

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