Tailored Personal Finance Services

Do you want to improve your finances? Do you plan to buy a house, save for retirement, or pay off your debt? Do you need a budget to track your expenses better? Do you want to learn how to invest your savings?

Welcome to the beginning of your financial journey. Here you’ll learn everything there is to know about the personal finance services I offer.

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What Personal Finance Services Do I Offer?


Pay Off Debt - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Pay Off Debt

Debt can be financially devastating. Together we’ll find your way out by creating a debt-free plan for your financial situation.

Improve Credit Score - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Improve Credit Score

Credit score can be a great financial tool when used to your advantage. I will create the best strategy for you to improve your credit score.

Save For Special Events - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Save For Special Events

Saving money for special events can be stressful. But creating a detailed step by step savings plan will give you peace of mind.

Create A Budget - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Create A Budget

A budget is often associated with deprivation. But I see it as a better way to allocate your money towards the things you love to do in life.

Plan For Retirement - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance

Plan For Retirement

Planning for retirement is primordial. Everyone should have a clear picture of their future by creating a retirement plan that fits their future needs.

Invest Assets - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Invest Assets

Starting to invest can feel overwhelming. I’ll teach you how to navigate through all the options and identifying the best investment strategy for you.

Learn About Finance Basics - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance

Learn About Finance Basics

Learning about finance basics can help you better understand how our current financial system work. It will also teach you how to make more out of your money.

Assess Financial Situations - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance - Personal Finance Services

Assess Financial Situations

Not a lot of people have a clear understanding of their current financial situation. Together we’ll assess your financial situation to make better financial decisions.

Understand Work Benefits - Financial Coach - Carreira Finance

Understand Work Benefits

Work benefits are a great way to complement your salary. There are a few things you can learn in order to maximize and take advantage of them.

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Everything To Know About A Session

How Long Does A Session Last?

A session last approximately an hour.

What Are The Session Options?

A session can be held in person, phone call, video call, or via messages.

How Much Is A Session?

A session costs $99 but you can buy three sessions for $249.

Following The 5 Step Process

Step 1 – Free Session

To schedule your free session, send us a message with your availabilities using our contact page. Then, we will send you an email to schedule our 15-30 minutes phone call.

During this free session, we will start by getting to know each other. Then, we will talk about the “Personal Finance Wheel”. To conclude, if you are interested, we will take a look at the financial services I offer. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have at any time during the session.

Step 2 – Documents

If you want to go forward with the financial services, we will send you our Client Agreement document for you to read and sign. You will have to send it back to us before moving on to the next step.

Step 3 – Payment

After signing the Client Agreement document, you will have to make a payment. We accept payments via the following platforms: PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, or Cash App.

Step 4 – Scheduling & Homework

After receiving payment, we will contact you via email or phone to schedule your session. We will also send you a form that you will have to fill out and send back before our next session. It will allow us to prepare the content of our session a bit better.

Step 5 – Paid Session

If you choose to meet in person, we will meet at the time and location agreed upon by both parties. But, if you choose to receive the session via phone, I will call you at the time of our session.