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9 Great Ways To Save On Christmas This Year

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Christmas is all about family and sharing a great moment together. But it also a lot of expenses. However, there are many ways to save on Christmas.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend too much in order to have a great time. And the last thing we want you to do is to take on credit card debt for Christmas.

That is why, we decided to write this article to share with you our 9 great ways to save on Christmas this year!

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1 – Save On Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations can quickly add up to your Christmas budget. Especially if you are buying new ones each year.

So, the key here is to have a proper way to store your Christmas decorations. That way, the probability of damages that can occur throughout the year will be reduced.

It will allow you to keep them longer and save some money at the same time.

Whenever you buy something online and receive the package, keep the bubble wrap and use them to keep your Christmas decorations safe.

In case you still need to buy new Christmas decorations, there are still a few ways you can save money.

You can start by checking out the closest dollar stores from your house.

Another way to save money is to plan ahead of time. For example, you can buy your Christmas decorations after Christmas day for the next year.

That way you are taking advantage of the massive discounts offered by many brick and mortar and online stores.

It is a great opportunity to get new decorations at a low price if you have room to store them.

2 – Potluck

When we think about Christmas, we also think about food! It is an important part of the celebration, but it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

For example, you could host a potluck for Christmas this year. It is a great way to save money and include your entire family in the festivities.

Even if it requires a little time and organization, it is worth it.

Make sure to let your guests know in advance about the potluck. That way they can better organize and know what they are going to bring to the table.

You can even go further down the organization lane by letting them know what type of food to bring.

It will be easier for everyone and that way you can make sure that you won’t end up with only desserts on Christmas day.

Just make sure to have twice the amount of appetizers and desserts when compared to the number of main dishes.

3 – Entertainment

Christmas entertainment can become really expensive nowadays. But you don’t have to stretch your Christmas budget to have a good time with your family.

There are so many things you can do whether you want to stay home or go out.

  • Play board games with your kids
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Go on a Christmas lights tour
  • Give your time to your local community
  • Check out your city events calendar to see their Christmas activities

4 – Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to have fun by exchanging gifts, but also a great way to save time and money on Christmas.

You won’t have to spend hours and hundreds of dollars shopping to buy gifts for everyone you know in your family or friends.

Similarly that with the Potluck idea, it requires a little time to organize.

Start by asking around to know who would be interested in participating in Secret Santa this year.

Once you have your final list, assign randomly each person to someone else that will be receiving the gift.

Let everybody knows and you are good to go!

5 – Save On Christmas Gifts

There are a lot of ways to save on Christmas gifts.

The thing that I always like to do is to take some time to reflect on what gift-giving is actually about.

For me, giving a gift to someone is a way to share my appreciation and love with them. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, as long as you are happy to give.

Think about what your relationship means to you. Make a list of contenders and figure out a way to not break the bank.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can use to save money on Christmas gifts.

  • Buy your gifts when they are on sales (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)
  • Do a combined gift with other people because we are always stronger as a group
  • Look into “do it yourself” gifts to make your gift a little bit more customized

6 – Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper always ends up in the trash, so why spend big bucks on them.

Similarly to buying new Christmas decorations, you can find great deals after Christmas day, or you can also visit the dollar store.

You can also help the environment and save some money by not buying wrapping paper at all.

Instead, buy reusable gift bags that you will be able to reuse year after year.

7 – Save On Christmas Cards

Depending on how many Christmas cards you send to your friends and family each year, you might be able to save some money.

Because when we think about it, it can quickly add up to your Christmas budget.

Thus, save your money by sending online Christmas cards or messages to your loved ones via social media.

It doesn’t cost a thing and it is always great to receive something from loved ones.

8 – Save On Christmas Tree

The amount of Christmas trees sold around the world and their price keep going up year over year.

In the U.S. alone and at any given moment throughout the year, about 350 million Christmas trees are grown in farms.

If you want a real Christmas tree, instead of buying it from the store, go directly to a Christmas tree farm to pick it up yourself.

You will be able to choose, cut, and pick up the Christmas tree you want. That way you can make a trip out of it and you can save Christmas money at the same time.

If you want to go with the artificial Christmas tree option, look for online discounts to find great deals. There are always some money to be saved when comparing different vendors.

9 – Christmas Budget

A budget is a great tool to use if you are trying to save money and especially when it is Christmas time.

Budgeting doesn’t have to mean that you are going to be on a rice and beans diet for months.

Budgeting means that you are aware of where your money goes and you have the power to redirect it in order to spend it on things you want or need.

So this year for Christmas, start by looking into your transactions to determine how much money you earn and how much money you spend.

Then, calculate your actual savings by subtracting your monthly expenses to your monthly income.

If there is anything left at the end of the month, you can allocate it to your Christmas budget.

We wrote an article on Christmas budget, so if you are interested in learning more about it, check it out.

The 9 Best Ways To Save On Christmas This Year - Carreira Finance
How Can You Save Money Doing Simple Things On Christmas - Carreira Finance


In conclusion, there are a lot of ways to save on Christmas this year. Now it is time for you to try the ones that best fit your current situation.

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