Top 13 Financial New Year’s Resolutions

The 13 Financial New Year's Resolutions - Carreira Finance - Financial Coach

The two most common resolutions for the New Year are going to the gym and starting a diet. Can you guess how many people are including financial New Year’s resolutions in their list?

In the U.S., out of all Americans that plan to have a resolutions list, only 27% of them plan to improve their finances.

When 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, it is scary to see so many people that don’t plan to do anything about their finances this year.

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Financial Recovery After Christmas

Christmas Financial Recovery - What You Can Do Now - Carreira Finance - Financial Coach

Christmas shopping can get out of control very quickly and easily. That is why you need a financial recovery plan to fix the potential financial mistakes you have done.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, or you don’t have the luxury of time. So you end up making decisions on the fly that will have a direct impact on your finances.

If this is a good summary of your Christmas this year, you are going to be alright. But, now it is time to come up with your financial recovery plan.

Per World Economic Forum, Americans are spending more than $1 trillion on Christmas.

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Financial Assessment Questionnaire

Assess Your Financial Situation Questionnaire - Carreira Finance Coaching

Answer this financial assessment questionnaire truthfully for your score to reflect your current financial situation. Don’t lie to yourself! Only you can see the results of your answers. There are a total of 28 questions with 9 categories: Debt Budgeting Savings Credit score Retirement Investing Tax Other Just think about it Financial Assessment Questionnaire -8 … Read more Financial Assessment Questionnaire

Financial Coach Near Me – Your Journey Starts Here

Financial Coach Near Me - Your Journey Starts Here - Carreira FI

Where to start if I need help with my finances? What is a financial coach? How to find a financial coach near me? If you want answers, don’t look any further. I’m a California-based financial coach that works with clients all around the United States. My goal is to help you start your financial journey … Read more Financial Coach Near Me – Your Journey Starts Here

How To Prepare For The Next Recession

How To Prepare For The Next Recession- Carreira Finance Coaching

Things we can’t predict are hard to visualize. Yet, financial recessions are inevitable. So how to prepare for the next recession and why should we think about it now?

A recession can cause permanent financial damage for people who are living paycheck to paycheck. Millions of Americans have suffered and are still recovering from the Great Recession.

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Get Rich Quick Schemes | How To Avoid Them

Don't Fall For The Get Rich Quick Schemes - Carreira Finance - Financial Coach

Nowadays, you can find a lot of ads, social media posts, or even businesses trying to sell solutions or secrets on how you can get rich quick. It can be easy to fall into those advance leverage get rich quick schemes because most of them look legit.

According to the FTC, people reported losing $1.48 billion in 2018.

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