Terms And Conditions

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These Terms And Conditions apply to carreirafinance.com content or materials (referred to as “the Website”) when any person is using the Website (referred to as “the User”). The User agrees and understands all sections of both this page and this Privacy Policy page. Thus, if the User does not agree, the User should stop using the Website.

The Company may modify sections of this page at any time, so the User may review this page frequently. After a modification is made, if the User continues to use the Website, the User automatically accepts such modification.

License Rights

Unless otherwise stated, the Company or its licensors own the Website rights such as intellectual property rights. The User may use the Website for his/her private use only.


  • The User may send an e-mail to carreirafinance@gmail.com to request the removal of links from the Website, but there is no obligation from the Company to remove links.
  • The Website may link to third-party websites and similarly, third-party websites may link to the Website, but it does not constitute Company’s endorsement or approval. The User may go to third-party websites at his/her own risk. The Company is not liable or responsible for any content, User’s purchases, or materials after leaving the Website.
  • The User may obey any Company request to remove any links if the User links to the Website.

Not Legal, Mental Health, Or Financial Advice

The Website may be used for educational purposes only by the User. The User understands and agrees that the Website is not legal, mental health, or financial advice. The Company cannot be held responsible or liable for any losses, errors, damages, or omissions the User may incur.

Personal Responsibility

The User agrees that his/her participation in using the Website is voluntary. The User understands and agrees to use his/her due diligence and judgment before implementing any Website. The User accepts full liability and responsibility for the outcomes of his/her Website use. The User agrees and understands to assume all risks when taking any recommendation or suggestion from the Website should be taken at the User’s own risk. The User agrees to assume all risks.

No Guarantees Or Warranties

The Website may include testimonials, insights, results, comments, photos, and experiences of actual or past clients for illustration purposes only. The User understands and agrees that the Company is not liable or responsible for and does not guarantee any earnings, decisions, or any other results of any kind.

The Company makes no warranties related to the Website performance.

Limitation Of Liability

By using the Website, the User understands and agrees that the Company is not responsible or liable for: (1) any type of damages, loss or liability that the User may incur from use of the Website; (2) any delays, accidents, injuries, harm, lost profits, death, or any other type of loss or damage due to any act or default by the Company; (3) any Company partners in any way; (4) any accuracy of facts referenced in the Website; (5) any inaccuracies or typographical errors; and (6) any omissions or errors that may occur.

Indemnification And Release Of Claims

The User fully holds harmless, release, indemnify, and defend the Company from any causes of suits, action, claims, allegations, demands, or damages whatsoever, in equity or law, that may arise in the past, present or future that is related to the Website.


The User agrees to all sections of the above when using the Website. If the User has any questions, the User can send a message to the Company using this Contact page.