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15 Best Weekly Savings Challenges For You To Try

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Saving money doesn’t have to be boring. Take a look at my selection of the best weekly savings challenges to help you make more out of your money and have fun at the same time.

Keep in mind that you have the power over your money, not the other way around.

Roll The Dice – Weekly Savings Challenges

1 – Save On Anything

Roll two dice, multiply the result of your roll by 5, that is the amount of money that you need to save for the next 7 days.

It doesn’t matter which expense you are cutting out as long as you stay healthy and in control.

2) Save On Your Paycheck

Roll two dice, the result of your roll determines the amount of money you need to save on your next paycheck.

If the result of your roll is:

  • 2 or 12 => save $250
  • 3 or 11 => save $200
  • 4 or 10 => save $150
  • 5 or 9 => save $100
  • lucky 7 => save $50

3) Save On Gas

Roll only one dice, the result of your roll is the number of days within a week that you can’t use your car to go to work.

You can decide if you want to walk, take your bike, take public transportation, or whatever other methods of transportation as long as you don’t pay for gas.

4) Save On Food

Roll only one dice, the result of your roll is the number of days within a week that you have to pack your lunch.

For example, you can cook a bigger portion for dinner to keep leftovers.

5) Save On Debt Interests

Roll two dice, multiply the result of your roll by 10, that is the amount of money that you need to save this week so you can transfer it to your lender.

It will allow you to reduce your principal and save money on debt interests at the same time.

If you have credit card debt, it is recommended that you start by paying it down since it has one of the highest interest rates.

6) Save On Daily Purchases

Choose an expense that you buy every day. For example, snacks from the vending machine or coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

Then, roll only one dice, the result of your roll is the number of days within a week that you have to replace the expense you chose by making it at home.

Budget – Weekly Savings Challenges

7) Do I Need This?

For the next 7 days and before making any purchases, ask yourself if you really need it. Don’t forget about the small purchases!

This is a great habit to create because at some point it will become automatic and you won’t even think about it.

8) Save On Utilities

There are a lot of ways you can save on utilities. Your goal should be to choose a couple of them for your next weekly savings challenge (or even for an entire month).

That way you will decrease your utility bills and contribute to saving our environment.

9) Make dinner under $5

Choose a day within the next 7 days to make dinner for your loved one under $5. If you need any ideas, there are a ton of recipes on Pinterest that will be good for your wallet and your palate.

10) Discounted Item

We all love buying discounted items because we feel like we are saving money. But do we really save that money or do we use it to buy more things?

Next time you buy a discounted item, instead of keeping your “savings” in your checking account, transfer it to your savings account.

11) Save On Groceries

There are three savings challenges you can do to save money on groceries. Choose one or more for your next grocery shopping trip.

  1. Make a list of the items you need and stick to it
  2. Only go to the grocery store once a week to reduce bad temptations
  3. Eat before going to the grocery store

11) Track Every Dollar

Tracking every dollar for a week might seem boring and time-consuming. But it will allow you to learn so much about your spending habits.

That way you can see what expenses you can cut out of your budget so that you can save that money instead.

Other Savings Challenges

13) Save Small Bills

Save your $1 and $5 bills for a week and see how much you can save! If you need a bigger challenge, save your small bills for an entire month.

If you don’t use cash, it can be more complicated, but you can still do it looking at your expense statements.

At the end of the week, you could transfer the money you saved to your savings account.

14) Sell Unused Items

Go through your home and try to sell an item that you don’t use anymore within a week. You can use online apps like Facebook MarketPlace, Craigslist, or Letgo. 

15) $1000 In Your Emergency Fund

If you don’t have an emergency fund yet, it’s time to start one! Your challenge should be to build your emergency cash reserve to $1,000 as soon as possible.

Go at your own speed by using the above weekly savings challenges to fund your emergency fund.

15 Best Weekly Savings Challenges - Carreira Finance

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