Track and analyze your spending to make money-saving decisions in a fast, easy, and effective way.

Marco Carreira

Hi, I’m Marco

Certified Financial Education Instructor

Certified Financial Education Instructor from the National Financial Educator Council

I'm not just your financial coach; I'm also a software engineer with a passion for empowering individuals on their financial journeys. Since 2019, I've been running my coaching business, blending my expertise in finance and technology to offer unique solutions.

Raised in France, I moved in 2014 to California, first landing in the Bay Area before settling in San Diego.

I primarily run my flagship program, the Mindful Spending VIP program. This cutting-edge initiative is designed to help individuals effortlessly track and analyze their spending, paving the way for wise money-saving decisions.

I'm a CFEI®, Certified Financial Education Instructor℠, with a Master's in Computer Science. Combining financial expertise with technical skills is what makes me stand out in this industry.

Here’s my story…

My financial journey kicked off at the age of 8, right at the time of my parents' divorce. Hearing them argue about alimony and money, I felt like I was part of their money problem.

To deal with it, I started saying no to spending, even turning down simple pleasures like ice cream on vacation.

My relationship with money runs deep, though I didn't recognize it then. It unknowingly shaped a strong money-saving mindset in me, maybe a bit too strong. For years, I prioritized saving over immediate enjoyment, even at the expense of my well-being.

Back in high school, when I got my first job and started handling my own money, I learned about budgeting without even trying. I figured out how many paychecks I needed to buy what I wanted. But when it came time to spend, seeing my savings made me prefer to save more and cut back on my wants.

Quickly after learning how to manage my money, I started my entrepreneurial journey. Nothing fancy, as I started with selling sandwiches and sodas to classmates to pay for my lunches.

That's when I realized: earning more money could cover more needs and save more money. It started a snowball effect!

My friends and family began to notice my different approach to money. That's when I started sharing my money experiences and their significance with them. Little did I know, that marked the beginning of my financial coaching journey, a decade before officially starting my coaching business.

Fast forward to today, and I'm humbled to have guided countless individuals on their financial journeys since 2019.What sets me apart is my passion for blending psychology and practicality in all my programs and products. This ensures my clients save both time and money effectively!

Marco Carreira


Which brings me to you…

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner; I can help you get clarity over your personal finance so that you can focus on your passion, without burning out your hard-earned income.

I'll manage your personal finances like a CFO would to save you both time and money.

Get exclusive access to our secure platform, complete with advanced spending categorization and monthly financial reports that will revolutionize the way you view your finances.

All it takes is just 5 to 10 minutes each month to go over your customized financial report and make money-saving decisions.

With us, tracking your money has never been easier. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to clear understanding!