Your First Step To Financial Freedom

Welcome to Carreira Finance and your first step to financial freedom! It’s time to learn how to make more out of your money.

Common Financial Questions

What is the first step to financial freedom? What can you do to improve my finances?

How can I pay off my debt faster? How can I save money without cutting everything I love doing in life?

Where should I invest my money? How can I improve my credit score?

Your First Step To Financial Freedom - Carreira Finance

Your Path To Financial Freedom

If you’re looking to find an answer to any personal financial questions, you landed in the right place.

Most people struggle with their personal finances because they never learned how to properly manage their money.

But it’s not too late to acquire knowledge. On this website, you will find a lot of information you can use to your advantage.

  • Personal finance coaching services
  • Financial planners
  • Bi-weekly articles

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Personal Finance Coaching Services

I offer personal finance coaching services to help my clients reach their financial goals and make more out of their money.

I always do what’s best for my clients’ interests. And at the same time, everything I teach, I learned it from my past experiences.

I offer a FREE SESSION to anyone that wants to learn about my financial services. So take your first step to financial freedom by scheduling your free session.

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Personal Finance Planner

I offer my personal finance planner for free to my clients during our first session.

But I know that it can be intimidating to talk about your financial situation to a coach. So if you’re not ready yet, it’s okay everyone has to go at their own pace.

As the first step to financial freedom, you can check out my personal finance planner for a small price. It’s a great way to track and start improving your personal finances.

Bi-Weekly Financial Articles

No matter how much money people have or make, everyone should know about the personal finance basics.

That’s why I write bi-weekly financial articles about saving money, paying off debt, investing money, and improving credit scores.

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Small changes eventually add up to huge results — Unknown

Let’s Take A Small Step Back

What Does Financial Freedom Even Mean?

There is a multitude of definitions out there. But for me, financial freedom means to have enough financial strategy in place to not stress or worry about your finances.

Why Getting Help From A Personal Finance Coach?

A coach is an expert in a subject that has a track record of helping people achieve their goals.

Here are a few situations where a personal finance coach could help you. You want to:

  • Improve your finances, but you’re not motivated
  • Follow a financial strategy tailored to your situation
  • See progress quickly
  • Learn about tips and tricks people use to get wealthy
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Financial Advisor vs Personal Finance Coach

I am not a financial advisor but a personal finance coach. I think it’s necessary to understand the main differences between the two professions so you can avoid any surprises.

What Is A Financial Advisor?

Financial advisors focus is to invest and grow your capital. They make the final decisions for you.

Most of them charge asset-based fees and have a minimum assets requirement. Make sure they have your best interest in mind.

What Is A Personal Finance Coach?

Personal finance coaches focus is to share their knowledge so you can make better financial decisions.

They charge a flat fee per session and do not have a minimum assets requirement.